Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Chris Brown - Don't Wake Me Up

'Don’t Wake Me Up‘ is a very upbeat dance anthem, possessing a powerful beat that will get every body jumping. It opens with a very soft and romantic feel with a simple acoustic and piano rhythm before it moves into the club-like atmosphere with the chorus.

After the first run of the chorus, a heavy beat underlies the song accompanied by a soft synth that is merely typical of the genre. The acoustics and piano are not entirely lost amongst the clash, but instead hide in the background to give it a more sophisticated feel to ensure the romantic vibe is consistent. The infusion of the synths and acoustics is an interesting mix that gives it a very lively character that suits the subject-matter.

Chris Brown - Don't Wake Me Up printable sheet music - CLICK HERE


The chorus sees a lot of repetitiveness in the lyrics with a light auto-tuning on Brown’s, usually strong, vocals whereas the verses are alive with his stunning voice and minimal lyrics. It is in general a lovely song, but the catchy-pop element makes it an addictive track.Very addicted and very easy to get lost within and to enjoy the beats and lively atmosphere.

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