Sunday, 2 December 2012

One Direction - Live While We'Re Young

One Direction is the biggest boy band in the industry today. They have many great songs and millions of dedicated fans all around the world. One Direction recently released their new single called "Live While We’re Young." This song is a very upbeat and catchy tune that will have you dancing until you drop!

Although this song is mostly about just having fun with your friends it sends different messages to different people. After speaking with One Direction fans, Zoe Poynor and Amarylis Bennett, I found out that they both receive almost the same message from “Live While We're Young.” Zoe said "This song shows me that I need to live life to the fullest while I am young because when I am older my life is going to change a lot so I won't be able to do the same things that I can do now."

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Amarylis said "Live While We're Young” sends me a message saying that I need to enjoy life while I am young because in the future I won't have the same experiences as I do today.”

One Direction has made much success on pervious singles but “Live While We’re Young” has made music history! This song was the fastest selling single in the U.S by a U.K artist and sold over 341,000 copies in just one week, the biggest opening week for a non-U.S artist.
Linkin Park took their sweet time getting ‘Burn It Down’ out, but that wait was worth it, as they deliver a unique song packed with subdued rhythms, riffs and raps, draped in a sea of atmospheric electronics.

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