Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Hunter Hayes - Wanted

"Wanted" is the title of a song co-written and recorded by American country music artist Hunter Hayes. It was released in March 2012 as the second single from his debut studio album, Hunter Hayes.This song is a powerful pop-country ballad that in less than four minutes shows why the young singer belonged on the Rascal Flatts tour this winter. It’s a song that’s perfect for the trio’s audience — and luckily, they’ve got a really big audience.

Hayes shows he's a more than capable vocalist on this sincere and emotional cut from the ‘Hunter Hayes’ album. He is perhaps the most well-rounded country newcomer since the Band Perry, who posted multiple chart-topping hits from their debut album.

Hunter Hayes - Wanted printable sheet music - CLICK HERE

While the 20-year-old showed he’s capable of riffing on every instrument short of the tuba on his debut single ‘Storm Warning,’ his songwriting abilities are the feature tool on ‘Wanted.’ It’s a mature lyric that will wrap around the hearts of country loving women nationwide. One envisions high-school couples labeling this “our song” after a spin around the gymnasium. There’s little doubt this song will find more chart success than his Top 20 debut.

‘Wanted’ is familiar without being generic and catchy without being syrupy. Once again he’s played every note on every instrument, but that’s far less impressive than his words and song structure. The ACM New Artist of the Year nominee is poised to do some very big things in 2012 and the years to come.

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